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Carp fishing

Carp fishing

An interesting fact - in reservoirs rich in natural feed carp can not pay attention to the nozzle. In others, where carps are systematically fed with meal, grain, they, on the contrary, can be caught with a fishing rod as you like. There are reservoirs that occupy an intermediate position: among them there are those in which the carp is caught only shortly after spawning, and there are those where it can be caught during the entire post spawning period, until the water temperature is below 14-15 degrees. Therefore, before you start catching, you need to familiarize yourself with the way of life of carps in this reservoir.

They catch carps with a bait quite successfully. Preference should be given to a fishing rod with a reel that allows you to use a thinner fishing line and continue to throw the nozzle, which is especially important when fishing from the shore.

The fishing rod, the thickness of the fishing line, the hook size must be selected in accordance with the size of carps that are found in pond If you catch small carps, weighing up to 1.5-2 kg. and more, then a rigid fishing pole is needed, a fishing line with a diameter of 0.3 mm. and hook No. 8-10.

If large carps live in a reservoir, reaching a weight of 5 kg or more, you need a stiff rod, a fishing line with a diameter of 0.5 mm and a hook No. 12-14. Sometimes when fishing for carp with a bait among aquatic plants, when it is undesirable to let the carp go far away, it is necessary to put even thicker fishing line. However, it is not necessary to take a fishing line with a large margin of safety, although the carp is not as careful as a carp, yet the number of bouts when using thick and coarse fishing lines decreases markedly. To make the line less distinguished from the background of water plants, you can take it green. It frightens a carp and a large, bright float.

For successful carp fishing with a bait, a bait or, as a last resort, bait is necessary. Cats, porridges, steamed grains, boiled potatoes, etc. are used as baits.

Millet porridge, undercooked potatoes and macaroni, corn kernels, etc. are used as baits for carp fishing. Less often they catch on earthworm , on burdock worm or on the gland. Which nozzle is more profitable, install a trial catch of carp on the bait.

You can catch carps on the bait from the boat and from the shore. It is advisable to install the boat in clean water and throw the nozzle either to the edge of the aquatic plants, or in the clearing between them. At the same time, it is possible, after cutting, to bring the carp to a clean place, which greatly facilitates hauling.

From the shore, carp is caught with a bait in the “windows” between aquatic plants, or it is thrown directly behind them: carp comes across very rarely. If the banks of a pond or lake are thickly overgrown with plants and you can’t find convenient places to catch carp for a bait, then it is advisable to prepare a plot in advance by mowing the grass or tearing it with an iron rake.

The depth of float release when fishing for carp with a pole is adjusted so that the nozzle lay on the bottom, and the load did not reach it a bit. Only on very swampy places, in which the nozzle is immersed in silt, they catch with a nozzle hanging above the bottom. The carp coating is transmitted differently: sometimes it takes as carefully as a tench, sometimes it confidently drowns the float and goes to the side. The moment of cutting is determined empirically - it changes depending on the size and type of attachment, on the fullness of the carp, etc.

large carp

It is not easy to dodge large carp: it is slightly inferior to carp in strength, and vyvazhivanie almost always complicated by the presence of aquatic vegetation. When vyvazhivanii should try not to let the carp far away and not drag it straight through the thick of plants, and give him to walk in circles almost to complete exhaustion.

The best time to catch a carp for a bait is the morning, from dawn to 8-9 hours.

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