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Catching bream

Catching bream

In early spring, catching bream is short - 1-2 weeks. When it goes to spawn, the bite stops. After spawning, the bream moves to its pits and starts feeding. These pits can be detected by an echo sounder. Spring bream fishing starts with float fishing rods in lakes, river bays and reservoirs, where water is previously cleared of turbidity. Soon he begins post-spawn zhor. It continues in the summer, when rye spikes. Bream in the summer keeps in small flocks. The best places for catching bream in the summer are located on the border of the reed, but on condition that a pronounced decline in the depth of the nearby hole begins here. Bait is required, without it, it is difficult to count on a bite. If there is a possibility, then it is possible to make the darling of the breams. To do this, in a favorite place for several days at the same time, a bait - barley, pea or wheat porridge is thrown into the water. Privada should be flavored with unrefined sunflower or anise oil. Anisoil oil is important not to overdo it - just a few drops. Catching bream begin at the same time when throwing a bait.

The best time to catch bream in summer is from dawn to 10-12 hours. Then the biting stops, and the bream goes into the depths. 2.5-3 hours before sunset, the bream’s biting will resume again, but not for long. However, there are such reservoirs (lakes), where the bream feeds during the day from 10 am to 15-16 hours. Morning and evening, he is usually not biting here.

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