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Catching ide

Catching ide

In summer, the ide is caught on the float bait, in the wiring, on the bottom, with fly fishing. As bait for fishing serve: dung worms, bloodworms, caddis. Also, ide catch on maggots. Literate bait significantly increases the number of pokolyovk.
From the second half & nbsp; of summer and until autumn, a large ide comes across on spinning. As the bait used small rotating blades. The lures are carried on top, imitating the movement of a fish that has lagged behind the flock.
In winter, the language actively bites and catches mormyshka and float fishing rod. Winter nozzles that ide prefers: bloodworm, burdock larva larva.
The ide is very careful fish. Catching ide requires great skill and skill. The large ide manages to be in places inaccessible to the seine: these are the places littered with snags, places with an uneven bottom, that is, with numerous ledges and at a sufficient depth. The shallow ide is less cautious and prefers a shallower depth, it can live in the grass and swims along with roach, podleschiki and with other small fish.

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