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Fishing roach

Fishing roach

Roach is one of the common fish. It is found everywhere: in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and even ponds. Keeps flocks. It prefers overgrown reservoirs with warm running water. Strong current avoids. But he loves to stay on his face.


The roach has a moderately tall, slender body of silver-white color, and its fins are gently red. The length can reach 45 cm., Weight - 2 kg., But the usual dimensions are 15-20 cm. In length and about 200-250 g. Weight.

The roach feeds on insect larvae, worms, mollusks, plankton crustaceans , seaweed and so on. The most intense zhor comes in April, in May-June, and also in August-September. Pecks better at dawns, and in the spring - the whole day.

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