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RYOBI coil overview

RYOBI coil overview

Ryobi ECUSIMA non-inertia reel stands out for its versatility - in sizes 1000 and 2000, you can safely use both in predator fishing for ultra light gear, and peaceful fish in wiring, 3000 and 4000 sizes are suitable for spinning fishing rod and feeder fishing. Among the advantages of this fishing reel there is a well balanced mechanism, perfect work, sufficient power, multipoint front friction. If your task is to buy a reel at the best ratio, low price - good quality, the ideal option would be Ryobi ECUSIMA.
Ryobi AVANTI  can rightly be called the most interesting novelty of this season. It combines not only the premium appearance, but also an excellent level of technological solutions. First of all, it is necessary to note a modern, incomparable design. In addition to the reference design, the coil has absorbed a number of innovative solutions, such as: lightweight skeleton rotor from the patented Ryobi material, NCRM and aluminum housing. The heart of the coil is the main pair with a stainless steel axle on the pinion gear. The most interesting feature of AVANTI is the new friction brake system with the finest degree of tuning, so that the friction clutch will not let you down, eliminating gatherings due to a poorly adjusted clutch. Another interesting feature is the missing backstop switch, this solution is used in top models from world leaders of fishing reels. This solution has a positive effect on dust and moisture resistance of the product, reducing the likelihood of contamination in the coil body. Also in the AVANTI coil for the first time, as for the RYOBI coils, a power, all-metal handle was screwed into the main pair.
Ryobi Arctica
Ryobi Arctica spinning reel is the successor of the glorious history of Ryobi reels, famous for their reliability, reliability and low price, was developed for the predator spinning fishing.
RYOBI Applause CR  

RYOBI Applause CR is another novelty in assortment of coils RYOBI! The Applause CR reel absorbed all the best RYOBI designs.

  • Body and mechanism.
    The Applause CR skeletal rotor is made of the innovative NCRT carbon fiber, which is 20% lighter and 40% stronger and tougher than ordinary plastic material. This solution made the rotor as easy as possible, relieved it of excessive inertia and allowed to increase the sensitivity of the coil.
    All-metal body made of lightweight aluminum alloy, provides the most accurate fit of all parts and gives the overall reliability of the coil.
    The new spool with an improved side ensures comfortable operation with PE cords, and the decorative perforation of the spool skirt allowed reducing its weight.
    The Carbon Drag System provides fine adjustment and smooth operation of the friction brake.
  • Main feature.
    The main feature of the RYOBI Applause CR reel is an improved fishing line laying mechanism. The coil is equipped with a so-called rocker spool feeding system with a modified S-slot profile. This revision improved the quality of laying of the fishing line / cord and ensures comfortable work with thin PE cords, up to section # 0.4 according to the Japanese classification.
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