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Rod-under is a special design, which assumes the possibility of simultaneous installation of several working rods together with poklevka signaling devices.

Rod-pods can be divided into two large classes - three-bearing and four-bearing. All genres-pods have crossbars, which are also called “buzz bars” - front and rear. The more expensive the racetrack, the more settings it provides (in height, width and number of sockets). At the front buz-bar there is a thread for fastening electronic and mechanical warning devices.

Separate racks are also produced and used to install rods on the beach. Allowed to spread rods at a considerable distance from each other and take up little space during transportation.

Booz Bar Brain 25cm 2 Rod Neads

Booz Bar Brain 25cm 2 Rod Neads

The product and all units for mounting the detectors or stands are made of durable aluminum alloy.Al..


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