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lure Strike Pro Inquisitor DR 110SP

lure Strike Pro Inquisitor DR 110SP

lure Strike Pro Inquisitor DR 110SP. This suspender is capable of fishing underwater horizons in the range of from five to seven meters, which makes it a real thunderstorm of hidden predators. It has the following characteristics: weight - 18.9 grams, length - 11 centimeters. The model is characterized by a magnificent aerodynamic shape, which contributes to an increase in the lure's flight distance during power casts. In addition, a special system consisting of metal balls and a magnetic plate contributes to this. During the throwing process, the balls are moved by inertia to the tail end of the wobbler, which increases the flight distance. In the water, the situation changes. The magnetic element does not allow the balls to move freely inside the wobbler, thus achieving a stable game of bait. Wobbler Inquisitor DR 110SP is equipped with a large blade with a loop for installation. The best wiring that can unleash the potential of a wobbler, is a standard set for models of the category "Minnow", namely: uniform (trolling), "stop and go" and jerky. The bait will be attractive to many freshwater predators, but the lion's share of trophies will be: pike, catfish and pike.

Strike Pro Inquisitor

The wobbler Strike Pro Inquisitor 130SP needs no introduction, even a beginner spinningist knows about this bait. The bait is distinguished by its phenomenal catchiness, it works well when fishing for pike and other predators of our rivers and lakes. The wobbler will reveal its maximum potential on twitching wiring, it also works on equalization with pauses. Neutral buoyancy will allow the angler to make stops during the animation process, which works well with passive fish. Excellent workmanship and the outer layer, high-quality tees and a wide range of colors. Minnow Strike Pro Inquisitor 130SP should be in the box of every spinning player, since its stable catch and universality will help the angler to always be with the catch.

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